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Whether your teen has already been diagnosed with ADHD, or you are concerned because they are ADHDish — we are excited about partnering with you to discover your teen’s unique learning style and strengths, and to provide coaching to begin to develop the ‘life skills’ and decision making needed for a successful transition in to independence!

Our goal is help your teenager begin to develop the skills, confidence and decision making needed to reach critical mile-stones!

To this end, we work to equip you to become your teen’s best advocate; build a winning “Inter-disciplinary” Treatment Team; develop structure that minimizes distractions, make lasting behavioral changes; provide invaluable insights into their learning style, other strengths and limitations; help them develop the academic and decision making skills needed to achieve academic and other age appropriate goals.

At Empowering Adhd Parents (EAdhdP), we understand the unique challenges of the teen years with ADHD.

We provide support for teens and their families during the high school years and beyond as they strive to graduate from high school and make a transition to college or another career training program.

Individual and Family counseling: We work with teens individually to help them identify and develop their strengths, learning styles and confidence, and to overcome the challenges they face. To name a few, we help teens dealing with rejection and self-esteem, time management and setting priorities, academic under achievement, identity crisis, choosing healthy friends, peer pressure, family conflict, substance or alcohol abuse, other so-occurring psychological challenges and to develop a more positive and balanced understanding of ADHD and their associated gifts.

High school and College Guidance — We help teens to make healthier decisions to increase the probability they will graduate from high school and make a ‘good-fit’ for college or an alternative career training choice.

We will partner with you and your teen to find a curriculum path and career choice that matches your teen’s unique strengths, interests and proclivities.

Transition to College or other Career-prep program: — Should they decide to attend college or some other training program (such as culinary art, photography, flight school in the Navy. or a music or artistic conservatory), we help teens prepare to make a successful transition. When your teen decides to relocate, we are available to support them via phone or Skype, to insure they access support needed to succeed in their new environment.

We also provide ongoing care when they return home on holidays or summer vacation.

Family and Marriage counseling: We recognize having a teenager with ADHD can strain the best of families. As such, we help you and your teenager to begin the process of repairing any damage to your relationship, and from replacing hurt, frustration, disappointment and judgement with understanding, mutual respect,forgiveness and friendship to construct a more positive and healthy relationship.

Alliteratively, we frequently will include parents in our work especially in the beginning — either as a guest in
the child’s session or pursue family therapy separately when appropriate.

Also, because the divorce rate for parents with special needs is so high we offer Marital Therapy as well.

Parent Support: We partner with parents to acquire and employ the skills needed to provide structure, support and empower parents to hold teens accountable for their actions — as teens struggle with challenges that have the potential to impede the progress toward greater independence. For example, we have an extensive background in Substance and Alcohol.

ADHD testing — If your teen has not yet had a thorough assessment for ADHD and related conditions, we will provide one.

Re-testing — Tf has been more than 3 years since your teens last test, or a highschool or college program requires additional testing to quality for accommodations or required prior to admission, we help provide the testing needed assure teen’s success.

Career focused testing — Testing that includes a career assessment, measuring strengths, interests and personality type can be essential for teens to make a good choice of college and college major.

Treatment care coordination: We will collaborate with various team members to assure we are all working in concert on your teams behalf.

Skill Acquisition: Through our “Where There is a Will, There is an “A” — Student Success Strategy programs, we customize an approach that leverages your child’s learning style to help them develop essential skills in vocabulary, memory, studying and test-taking.

Play Attention(TM): Computer based Attention Training We may recommend you learn more about this attention training system that boasts the ability to make lasting behavioral and attentional changes that could help improve your child’s performance at school and at home. As a certified provider of Play Attention(TM), we may refer you to their site where you can attend a free webinar to decide if this is a good-fit for your child’s needs. (Note: We do not offer it in-house. Should you decide to enroll in the Play Attention(TM) program, your enrollment and participation in this program will be entirely independent of this practice. As such, we are not responsible for the delivery of these services or the results.)