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Child AdHD

Whether your child has already been diagnosed with ADHD, or you are concerned because they are ADHDish — we are excited about partnering with you to discover your child’s unique learning style and strengths, and beginning the process of employing strategies to get them re-engaged in learning!

Our goal is to empower you to help transform your child’s attention deficits into assets so they begin to develop the skills and confidence needed to climb the ‘Ladder of Success’ — across the life span!

To this end, we will help you become your child’s best advocate, build a winning “Inter-disciplinary” Treatment Team, develop structure that minimizes distractions, make lasting behavioral changes, provide invaluable insights into your child’s learning style, other strengths and limitations.

To further support you and your child as you navigate the educational system, we offer:

Individual and Family counseling: We work with children individually, when appropriate, to help them identify and develop their strengths, learning styles and confidence; and to overcome the challenges they may be dealing with, such as rejection and self-esteem, bullying, “fitting in” socially and making friends, family conflict, other so-occurring psychological challenges and to develop a more positive and balanced understanding of ADHD.

Alliteratively, we frequently will include parents in our work especially in the beginning — either as a guest in the child’s session or pursue family therapy separately when appropriate.

Finally, because the divorce rate for parents with special needs is so high we offer Marital Therapy as well.

Testing and Assessments: We work with parents to ensure that they understand the results of psychological testing of their child.

Inter-disciplinary Treatment Team: We will partner with you to put in place and coordinate a winning treatment team.

Parent Advocacy: In addition to making sure you understand recommendations we make based on our psychological testing, we are available to attend I.E.P. (Individualized Educational Plan) and 504 School meetings on your child’s behalf — We also collaborate with teachers, counselors, school psychologists and other school personnel to develop accommodations that will help your child succeed in school.

Finally, we refer clients out to ‘ABCs for Life Success and Special Needs Advocacy Institute’ when additional expertise is needed to help you better understand your rights, develop a viable strategy or to identify a more appropriate school placement.

Skill Acquisition: Through our “Where There is a Will, There is an “A” — Student Success Strategy programs, we customize an approach that leverages your child’s learning style to help them develop essential skills in vocabulary, memory, studying and test-taking.

Play Attention(TM): Computer based Attention Training We may recommend you learn more about this attention training system that boasts the ability to make lasting behavioral and attentional changes that could help improve your child’s performance at school and at home. As a certified provider of Play Attention(TM), we may refer you to their site where you can attend a free webinar to decide if this is a good-fit for your child’s needs. (Note: We do not offer it in-house. Should you decide to enroll in the Play Attention(TM) program, your enrollment and participation in this program will be entirely independent of this practice. As such, we are not responsible for the delivery of these services or the results.)