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Career and Leadership Assessments

Finding the right career path, or developing the skill sets to navigate obstacles on your current path is a critical component of Success.

We offer college students, early career, mid-level managers, executive and entrepreneur assessments, to empower them with insights into their learning styles, strengths and interests as they prepare to select college majors or choose a career direction.

These assessments are part of a process geared towards helping you become empowered with valuable insight into your leadership style, conflict resolution skills, visionary acumen and customer focus, etc. As such, you can gain crucial insight into how to better motivate yourself, leverage your talents, identify and pursue a fulfilling career.

Because clients typically have attention or learning issues, our career assessments include a Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function® (BRIEF®) assessment as well.

In addition, we assess your personality type using the Myers-Briggs, and assess your career interests using the Strong Vocational Interest Test to assess your career interests and a range of other assessments to meet your needs. If you have already taken one or both of these assessment instruments, we will review test results and incorporate them into our career assessment report.

As part of your career assessment, we will conduct a careful work history to help you identify positive and negative aspects of all of your previous jobs so that we can make helpful recommendations, not only regarding broad career choices, but also about the types of jobs within a chosen career that would be best matched to your temperament and needs.

Upon completion of the interview and testing, we will develop a report and career recommendations and an action plan that helps you get your career on the right path. Together, we will partner to begin the process of helping you develop skills to start the process of identifying and harnessing your strengths and find a career that makes for a fulfilling climb up the Ladder of Success.

To Your Success!