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Our Services

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Coaching

Most are surprised by this impressive list of ADHDers.

However, given their out-of-the-box thinking, comfort with risk and non-conformity, high energy level, resilience and familiarity with rejection, ability to hyper-focus and wear several hats at once, is it really shocking to see so many successful business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs have ADHD?

An emerging school of thought recognizes that many successful business leaders are partially fueled by some of the positive traits associated with ADHD.

No, I am not romanticizing ADHD!

Rather, I am simply agreeing with the school of thought spearheaded by authors like Garrett LoPorto who wrote the “DaVinci Method,” which suggests there is a real upside to ADHD.

“Through my professional experience, I have come to think of ADHD as either the ‘Creativity Gene’ or the ‘Entrepreneur Gene’. Personally, I would no sooner give up my own ADHD, than I imagine Superman would give up his cape.” Dr. Shane.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business leader or high value individual contributor who is creative, ADHDish or an ADHDer — The question isn’t what you have, but how you Manage It!

Our Coaching programs can help you marshal your focus and harness your creative energy to increase your bottom line. Specifically, we will empower your team to develop and effectively implement the strategies and skills necessary to profit from your giftednesss, increase revenues, improve overall effectiveness and maximize your human capital.

Read About Our Leadership Coaching Process

Team Coaching

Putting the Key Personnel Pieces in all the Right Places is frequently the difference between Success and Failure — when building a Business.

Armed with the insights provided by 360 degree tools, our team coaching process will leverage the strengths and fortify the limitations of both your team members and your culture. We will partner with you to realign corporate vision and goals with your team’s day-to-day “best practices”.


Leadership and Entrepreneur Assessments

Finding the right career path for key employees is a critical component to attracting, developing and retaining top-talent to get on the path to long-term Success.

In addition to making good hires, you will need insights from a range of stakeholders to succession plan for your leadership to insure your team has the bench strength in place to keep your business on-track.

Our full suite of assessments can equip you, your team and your company with valuable insight into the strengths which support success and the barriers which may be contributing to failure. Our coaching process starts with a thorough assessment process, including use of the 360 Degree Feedback Review, DiSC (R), the Team Dimensions Assessment and the Time Mastery Profile.

Read more about our full assessment suite


Keynote Speaking, Workshops and Training’s

Dr. Shane is a sought after speaker on issues relating to creative leaders and entrepreneurs, team development, marketing, employee selection and retention, succession planning and corporate culture optimization in the business community.

As a speaker or workshop facilitator, he successfully blends humor, insight, empathy and participant education in a fashion that entertains and engages audiences while delivering the desired results. He empowers participants to realize “It’s never to late to live happily ever after.”

Choose from a variety of topics or let us customize a program specifically for your company:

7 Habits of Highly Creative Entrepreneurs
Relationship Selling
Marketing: Creating Sticky Ideas that Sell
Sales Training: Sell Less, Customers Buy More
Managing Difficult, but Talented Employees
Leadership Development Skills, using the 360 degree Profiler
Managing Change — and, more importantly, Resistence
Profiting From the Secret Powers of ADHD
The DiSC: Learning to Understand Each Other to Improve Communication
TEAM Building using the 360 degree Profiler.
High Impact Leadership: Empowering Leaders to Transition from “Good to Great”
Myers Brigg Typess: When All Great Minds Don’t Think Alike? Leading Diverse Teams.

Dr. Shane would be honored to facilitate your next organization workshop, or serve as a keynote speaker.