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Leadership Coaching

Whether they have ADHD, are ADHD-ish, or just want to learn more about harnessing their creativity so that more of their ideas may become profitable.

Leadership Coaching could potentially be profitable for any highly creative leader who wants to harness their creativity, or the Giftedness commonly accompanying ADHD.

If you are a creative thinker, ADHD-ish or an ADHD-er, you most likely are an out-of-the-box thinker and non-conformer, and probably unlikely to neatly fit into corporate America without specialized coaching. In addition to adapting to the social rules, you will need to understand how to access and channel your unique talents to get the most out of your abilities.

An emerging school of thought recognizes that many successful business leaders share some of the positive traits associated with ADHD.

No, I am not romanticizing ADHD!

Rather, I am simply agreeing with the school of thought spearheaded by authors like Garrett LoPorto who wrote the “DaVinci Method,” which suggests there is a real upside to ADHD.

LoPorto identifies a subset of creative individuals as “DaVinci Types,” whose thinking he maintains is similar to the creative, multi-talented renaissance artist, Leonardo DaVinci. He proposes that these individuals share many traits widely associated with ADHDer’s.

Impulsive, multi-talented, a risk taker, a notorious multitasker who left countless projects unfinished. Today Leonardo DaVinci would be labeled ADHD or Learning Disabled (LD) — and that’s not just because those were his initials.

Like many modern day ADHDers, DaVinci was a business innovator: a Renaissance man.

LoPorto speculates that “DaVinci Types” comprise 10 percent of the world’s populations, and include many of the world’s greatest leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, revolutionaries and rock stars.

Whether you agree you are a DaVinchi Type or not, if you are a highly creative, ADHDer or ADHDish business leader you can probably benefit from specialized coaching and proven strategies to maximize your unique brain wiring, out-of-the-box thinking, high energy levels, the ability to hyper-focus, resilience, and the ability to thrive in high stimulus and risky situations.

As your ADHD coach, I will partner with you to better:

• Understand your unique ADHD brain wiring, develop and leverage your unique strengths and limitations
• Create structures and employ organizational tools that work for your unique personal style.
• Provide assessments to identify strengths and limitations, and increase your self-awareness — personally and socially.
• Use specific tools to help you focus—attention training systems.
• Set ambitious, with obtainable time frames.
• Improve crucial lifestyle habits such as diet, sleep and exercise.
• Interact with your ADHD treatment team.

Note: ADHD coaching is not a substitute for traditional treatment for ADHD, such as medication, diet, exercise, and other behavioral therapeutic interventions.

Note: ADHD Coaching is not psychotherapy. First, it generally doesn’t directly focus on a person’s past or emotional healing. Rather, ADHD coaching identifies specific actions that will help achieve your life and/or business goals. It is not uncommon to work with a coach while you work with a therapist or counselor. Many ADHD coaches also have backgrounds as therapists or counselors.

In addition to demystifying ADHD, I am excited about how coaching can potentially help you tap into your hidden giftedness and maximize your success at work, school and home.