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“No Pills”: Alternative Treatments

Whether you are:

A parent looking to help your child perform better at school, at home or socially A professional in need of specialized coaching, or In a relationship with a partner who has ADHD …

You are not alone!

Play Attention™, (A computer based attention training system) may have a solution for you!

Note: As a certified provider of Play Attention(TM), we may refer you to their site where you can attend a free webinar to decide if this is a good-fit for your child’s needs. (However, this program is not offered in-house. Should you decide to enroll in the Play Attention(TM) program, your enrollment and participation in this program will be entirely independent of this practice. As such, we are not responsible for the delivery of these services or the results.)

Computer-based attention training systems offer a fun way to improve focus, behavior and academics, or work performance. In particular, Play Attention(TM) program helps children, teens and adults improve attention and reduces impulsivity, and teaches many of the skills and strategies necessary for increasing the ability to focus.

In addition to offering a potential solution for Attention problems, attention training systems boast the ability to enable you or your child to develop memory skills, finish tasks, better behavior, and become better organized!

These attention training programs are specifically designed to help participants develop the ability to focus necessary to finish homework on-time, ignore distractions, day dream less, get better grades, and make behavioral changes — at school, at home and at play.>

Student Success Programs:
“Where There is a Will There is an ‘A'”

To help your child develop the skills needed to Succeed in the classroom, we offer training in the following areas:
* Vocabulary Training Program
* Memory Training Program
* Test Taking Skills, 101
* “Leveraging Learning Style”, 101

Attention Training System: Videos

Actor & Parent
Discusses Benefits
Principal Discusses Benefits
Parent Discusses Benefits
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