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Coaching Assessments

Leadership Assessments

Putting the Key Personnel Pieces in all the Right Places is frequently the difference between Success and Failure — when building a Business.

Our professional leadership assessments are designed to help empower you, your team and your company with invaluable insight into the leadership styles, conflict resolution skills, visionary acumen and customer focus, etc. of various team members in your organization. As such, you can gain insight into how to best motivate, leverage their talents and succession plan your team.

You can also glean further insights into interpersonal and organisational culture barriers that may be undermining team member’s performance.

In our coaching and training, we utilize the feedback provided by these assessments to put together strategic plans that leverage leadership’s strengths and fortify areas of opportunity that can potentially influence the success of your team, business unit or organization.

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360 Degree Feedback Assessment

Learn more about the effectiveness of your leadership, and strategize methods to help piece together a winning team from the ground up — by getting feedback from key stakeholders.

360 Degree feedback is a multi-source feedback, multi-rater assessment, upward feedback or peer evaluation. It is a process in which you evaluate yourself on a set of criteria, your manager or supervisor will then evaluate you, as do your peers and direct reports.

Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a gap analysis detailing how you perceive yourself versus how others perceive you.

The 360 Degree feedback process has the potential to boost productivity by giving workers a more accurate sense of their personal strengths and weaknesses. In addition, it can support leaders in uncovering blind spots, and can increase team effectiveness from the top to the bottom of an organization.


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