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Shane Perrault, Ph.D., Psychologist, Author,  Speaker 

Since discovering my own ADHD , it has been my good fortune to roll up my sleeves and get “in the trenches” and help empower countless parents to begin to develop some of the skills needed to help their children identify and harness the giftedness that frequently accompanies ADHD.

My personal experience with ADHD fuels my desire to serve You!

During my first year of graduate school, one of my professors  told me he suspected I had ADHD or a Learning Disability. Fearing the worst, I got an assessment and, boy, was he right. Next, I set about the difficult task of learning how to identify and tap into my strengths and leverage them to overcome my “attention differences.”

Completing my Ph.D. at The Ohio State University, I became my first client in the process.  This experience coupled with my training taught me ADHD-ers have unique wiring and learning styles and to be successful those difference need to be taken into account.

Dr. Shane’s Core Philosophy: “If all you have in your toolbox is a hammer, then everything looks like it needs a nail.”

My mother, Dr. Gaylene Perrault, would always say the words to me. They are particularly true when it comes to ADHD.

Realizing ADHD comes with many unique assets, I founded Empowering ADHD Parents in Greenbelt, MD.  At our clinics, we conduct thorough assessments of ADHD and co-current conditions, and employ strategies to help you make lasting behavioral changes.

I take a “strength-based” approach that embraces your child’s energy, creativity, resilience, and natural learning style — by employing innovative treatments and customized strategies that leverage your child’s unique ADHD wiring and associated strengths to maximize their gifts. This approach was developed through my training and educational experiences at the Ohio State University.

A sought-after speaker, I was invited to speak at the Congressional Black Caucus on the Black Family, which was covered by the Washington Times and The Washington Post. I have also blogged for Psychology Today Magazine on issues related to ADHD, and have been interviewed for stories on this topic for Ebony, XM radio and various television outlets.

Our goal is to help your child begin to develop the skills to succeed at school, at home and with friends.

To Your Child’s Success,

Frequently Referred Professionals:

Note: Any of these professionals, or combination thereof, may be called upon to participate as a member of your treatment team. They will provide services and collaborate based on their respective areas of expertise. When referred to Dr. Jones-Fearing you will be required to visit her independent office in Burtonsville, MD; and Michelle Davis, M. Ed., must be reached by phone as she has relocated her practice to Florida.

Kim Jones-Fearing, M.D., Licensed Psychiatrist

Dr.Jones-Fearing has been practicing Psychiatry for over 17 years. Her treatment philosophy is that emotional problems should not stand in the way of living a rich, fulfilling life. She recognizes the decision to seek help is a difficult one, but the good news is the vast majority of people can be helped with psychotherapy (counseling) and /or medication.

Experience / Training / Focus
Dr. Fearing-Jones completed medical school at Howard University and did her training at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

Frank L. Lockman MSW, LCSW-C, NCAC II, CSC-AD, Addictions Counselor and Therapist

Mr. Lockman became a Licensed Certified Social Worker in 2012, and has worked in the field for over 21 years in other capacities. His currently practice area includes substance and alcohol abuse, individual, relationship and family therapy.

Frank Lockman is a National Certified Addictions Counselor Level II, and Certified Supervised Counselor -– Alcohol & Drug. He received his Master’s degree in Social Work from University of Maryland Baltimore, and is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corp. His previous experience includes, Treatment Specialist at the Court Service and Offender Supervision Agency and Providence Hospital in Washington, DC, and as a Montgomery County Crisis Center and Montgomery County Child Welfare.

His educational and clinical experiences combine to formulate his “Strength-based” approach towards assessments and therapy. Namely, he focuses on identifying your interpersonal strengths and areas of growth, then leverages them to empower you and your loved ones to develop more healthy and fulfilling lifestyles.

Most importantly, he is completely committed to empowering you and your loved one to develop the skills and strengths necessary to “live happily ever after”.

Kellie McCants-Price, Ph.D., Psychologist and Psychometrist

Dr. Kellie McCants-Price is a college professor and media consultant whose practice focuses on identifying and helping families to manage academic and social/emotional challenges that impact children and adolescents.

She has also worked extensively with children and adolescents with medical diagnoses that affect their academic and emotional functioning — and has over 15 years of experience in evaluating children, adolescents, and young adults in schools, private practice settings, and the juvenile justice system.

Dr. McCants-Price teaches at Stevenson University, Anne Arundel Community College, and the University of Phoenix. She facilitates courses ranging from human growth and development and child psychology to the identification of childhood psychiatric diagnoses. She is energized by daily opportunities to inspire an appreciation for mental health and development-related topics in the classroom and the chance to help students to understand how psychology is portrayed in the media.

Kelly McCants-Price, PhD., is a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and a Master of Arts and 2002 Ph.D. graduate of The Ohio State University.

Vernestine Laughinghouse, CPO, Certified Professional Organizer

Vernestine Laughinghouse is a customized professional organizing and document management service company for corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

She brings order and calm to disorganized lives by working one-on-one with clients in the comfort of their office or home. In addition, she provides workshops and training seminars on paper & data management, filing systems, and process improvement.

Vernestine received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from North Carolina A&T State University, and a Master’s degree in Information Systems from Strayer University.

Vernestine is a Certified Professional Organizer ® and GO (Getting Organized) System trainer and a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). She is also a member of Powertalk International, International Training in Communication.

Michelle R. Davis, M. Ed.
Director & Educational Consultant

An experienced, passionate advocate for children and an inspirational leader, Ms. Davis serves as Director of ABCs for Life Success and Special Needs Advocacy Institute. She is skilled in child-centered evaluation, program analysis and development, navigating the special education process, and developing effective individual student plans which prepare students for success in school, and in life. At James Madison and Johns Hopkins Universities, she was awarded with honors and earned recognition for excellence in study, and currently is an adjunct professor at George Washington University. Her Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book forms the curriculum for the Training Institute of the same name taken by hundreds of parents and educators in the Washington DC area. She co-hosted the internet radio show “Teach Your Children Well: Hot Topics in Education.” Her most recent book, School Success for Kids with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders includes strategies for working with kids with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, and Mood Disorders.